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For two decades, JED Construction has been providing our clients with general contracting services. For every job, our project team works in concert with the owner, architect, engineers and subcontractors and. Our clients choose us because we staff every project with the right people to ensure the right results.
JED provides a full range of general contracting services from early planning and design stages through construction, project completion, and closeout. Our team utilizes the latest technology to ensure our projects stay on track and all goals are met.
At JED Construction, we are committed to creating strong relationships with the teams and people we work with
At JED Construction, our team strives to meet the highest possible standards, to produce excellent results throughout the entire building process, starting with preconstruction. Confident in our preconstruction procedures, JED has fine-tuned its procedures over many years, and we can see the tangible, positive results of our methods in every project we complete.
Maintaining accurate and effective preconstruction services during every job is important to JED. To ensure success in future preconstruction efforts, JED makes sure that team members and personnel are sufficiently skilled and proficiently trained for each job. We provide thorough cost estimation, efficient scheduling and detailed value engineering during preconstruction, and we utilize our past project information as a source of knowledge for every new project.
JED Construction provides general contracting services throughout the United States. JED enables subcontractors to view projects, submit qualifications to become a JED subcontractor, submit bids and provide necessary project-related documentation for on-going projects. JED Construction has enabled projects in the following market sectors:
Hospitality Restaurants Bars ADA Office