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Green building options are available to all JED projects. Choices to purchase local resources, monitor air quality at the site or to recycle construction waste are just a few of the common options that can be systematically incorporated into a construction plan to benefit the owner, tenant and community.
Individual analysis of a project’s requirements and goals allows the JED team to understand the best sustainable options available to a client. The team can clearly and accurately layout opportunities and costs for energy efficiency and material selection. This promotes optimization of sustainability and cost savings throughout the entire process.
JED’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan addresses all aspects of the construction environment and is in full compliance with LEED standards. The benefit to IAQ is a healthier workplace for the occupant. The results are seen in healthier employees, more immediate occupancy, lower absenteeism and increased productivity. A plan can be implemented for all building types. American’s spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, so the quality of the indoor environment has a significant influence on their well-being, productivity and quality of life.
JED’s Construction Waste Management Program minimizes trash generated and sent to landfills, on average diverting 50%-90% of waste from the landfill on all projects.
JED’s water conservation plan helps all projects reduce water use, which provides savings for the owner, occupant and environment.